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SX Personnel

Department of Physics and Astronomy, JHU

Alex Szalay, faculty
Peter Kunszt, associate research scientist
Ani Thakar, associate research scientist
Jan vandenBerg, system administrator

Department of Computer Science, JHU

Mike Goodrich, faculty
Amitabh Chaudhary, graduate student

Supported SX Platforms

Primary deployment: SGI IRIX6.5 running on an Origin2000
RedHat Linux 6.0
Digital Tru64 Unix
Sun Solaris 2.7
Windows NT (in development)

SX Hardware at Hopkins

1 Compaq Digital Alpha Server running OSF/1
Array of DELL Dual Pentium running Redhat Linux 6.0
1 Sun UltraSparc 5 running Solaris 2.7

SX Software

Commercial Software used by SX

Objectivity OODBMS
RogueWave Tools++, ToolPro++, Threads++
Paradigm Plus
SandStone Visual Parse++

Generic / Public Domain Software used by SX

Coding is done in C++ and in Tcl/Tk for the GUI
Makefiles for different platforms generated by Perl scripts
Peter Z. Kunszt, Ani R. Thakar,
Last Modified: October 14, 1999.