SDSS Science Archive Versions Page

This page is for the SDSS Collaboration use only. It provides the status of the various versions of the Science Archive (SX) database available to the collaboration currently, and provides links to them or information about them where applicable.

Latest update about Catalog Archive Server (SX) - Version 2.3.18 released Feb 27, 2002, also see follow-up to that message.

Status of SX (EDR and Chunk Servers)

There are three SX databases in existence currently:

- the Early Data Release (EDR) version, which contains the latest reruns (Photo v5.2) of the public subset of the SDSS data. 

- the fermiChunk (chunk) version has now been updated to the latest software and data model versions, and has been reloaded as of 12/01. See Brian Yanny's message (#94) in the sdss-sxuser archive.

- the fermiStage (staging) version released 10/01. See Brian Yanny's message (#71) in the sdss-sxuser archive.

Each version basically consists of three products:

  1. The Catalog Archive Server (CAS) - this is the SX.
  2. The Data Archive Server - the atlas images, spectra and corrected frames server.
  3. The skyServer - the SQL Server interface to the data (currently available only for the EDR version) via the web.
    The EDR SX and the EDR atlas images and spectra represent the latest reruns and the most complete dataset currently in existence.  All EDR products are also available from the MAST SDSS web page ( For the latest status on the collaboration databases, see the SX@Fermi page. 

Important Notes