Main SDSS Website

SDSS Participating Institutions:

  The University of Chicago
  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The Japanese Participation Group
The Johns Hopkins University
  Princeton University
  The University of Washington
  Apache Point Observatory
The United States Naval Observatories

SDSS Information (some are restricted):

The SDSS Information Archive at Princeton.
The SDSS Pipelines
The SDSS Project Book
SDSS Projects and Proposals .

Astronomical Resources

 Astrophysics Preprint Server (lnl)
 NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Abstract Service
 Space Telescope Science Institute web resources
 AAS Home Page
 On-line access to the ADC Archives
 Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
 HST Archive

Local Links:

The Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics & Astronomy
  Schedules of Seminars and Colloquia
Comet Hyakutake
The DEEP Project
The Spatial Database Project at The Johns Hopkins University.
Restricted Local Information
How to mass replicate your data on CD-ROM

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