SDSS @ JHU People

    The SDSS project at Johns Hopkins University has been a team effort consisting of many talented people working together. This is an incomplete list, grouped by the role that each person played in bringing SDSS to life.

    The colors of the dots next to the names indicate how each person fits into JHU.
    = at JHU
    = formerly at JHU, now moved on
    = external

    Design and Development

    The people in this list set the vision for SDSS at JHU, and guided the development of that vision into what the SDSS project is today.

      Alex Szalay
      Ani Thakar
      Jim Gray (Microsoft Research)


    Data from the SDSS has revolutionized many fields of science; the people in this list worked to make these discoveries. The list is sorted by scientific field and project.

      Tamás Budavári
      Ching-Wa Yip
      Mike Specian
      Manu Taghizadeh-Popp
      Laszlo Dobos
      Roy Gal (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai`i)
      Sebastien Heinis (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille)

    Photometric Redshifts
      Tamas Budavari
      Istvan Csabai (Eötvös University Budapest)

      Miguel Aragon y Calvo

    Computational Science
      Rafael Santos
      Sam Carliles
      Vivek Haridas
      Tanu Malik


    The SDSS team at JHU has developed many web-based tools that have been used by scientists and educators all over the world. The people in this list helped to develop these tools. The list is sorted by project.

    Catalog Archive Server databases
      Narendra Buddana
      Deoyani Nandrekar-Heinis
      Victor Paul
      Vamsi Vakiti

    Image Cutout Service
      Maria Nieto-Santisteban

      Nolan Li
      Wil O'Mullane

    Hierarchical Triangular Mesh (HTM)
      George Fekete

    Education and Citizen Science

    The SDSS team at JHU has worked to bring access to rich scientific datasets not only to professional astronomers and computer scientists, but also to students, teachers, and the public. The people in this list helped make this equal access possible. The list is sorted by project.

    SkyServer projects
      Jordan Raddick
      Samaira Basit
      Ellen Briefel
      Gale Gleisner
      Dorian Janney
      Devin Powell

    Education Research
      Jordan Raddick
      Andrea Lardner

    System Administrators

    The SDSS project at JHU has required complex data and computer resource management strategies. The people in this list provided the expertise to manage the required computer systems.

      Jan vandenBerg
      Alainna Wonders
      Rich Ercolani
      Josh Greenberg
      Chris Ralston

    Budget Analysts

    The SDSS project at JHU has required complex tracking of time and money requirements. The people on this list have made that tracking possible.

      Margie Gier
      Anne Albinak
      Sadie Lingham
      Jeannie Woodard
      Kathy Ziolkowski

Jordan Raddick,
Last Modified: October 26, 2011